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by Maine Registered Agent LLC

Maine Annual Registration

By switching to Maine Registered Agent Services—the trusted, local compliance pros—you can stay in good standing with the state for less than you’d pay other service providers.

Annual Registration Service Includes:

  • Your Maine Annual Registration Filed Fast and Worry-Free
  • Guaranteed On-Time Filing
  • 1 Year of Free Registered Agent Service ($49 a year after that)
  • No Change of Agent Fees

How We File Your Annual Registration

We make filing your Maine Annual Registration easy. Click File Today and complete our simple signup form, where we collect the state fee and our filing fee.

That’s all you need to do!

Our registered agent team will receive the order, verify your company information with the state, file all required change of agent forms, and submit your annual registration on time and hassle-free—guaranteed! We’ll also throw in a year of registered agent service for free, cover any change fees, and save you hundreds of dollars.


When is my annual registration due?

Your annual registration is due the last day of the month your company incorporated or registered to do business in Maine. For example, if you formed your business on October 2, 2022, your annual registration needs to be filed by October 31, 2023. To guarantee on-time filing, hire us today!

How much does the Maine Annual Registration cost?

A Maine LLC can file the annual registration for $50. Corporations filing fees are based on the company’s share value. To determine a corporation’s total fees, consult the most recent fee schedule issued by the State Corporation Commission.

What happens if I file my Maine Annual Registration late?

Failure to file an annual registration will result in a late fee and your business could lose its good standing with the Maine State Corporation Commission.

Who can file a Maine Annual Registration?

An officer/director, member/manager, or someone your business employs to file on its behalf like Maine Registered Agent Services can submit the annual registration! When you hire us to file you can rest assured that a local, Maine registered agent will file your registration on time!

Why choose Maine Registered Agent Services?
  • Reliability: We’ll receive every important notice from the state and notify you in seconds.
  • Privacy: We’ll protect your personal address by keeping it off the state’s public records.
  • Ease of Access: All documents are scanned and available for life in your online account.
  • Consistency: We’ll be your registered agent if you or your business moves anywhere in Virginia.
  • Resources: Registered agent service includes a document library, pre-filled with your business details. You’ll never need to navigate the state’s confusing website.

Maine Registered Agent Services is committed to affordable and accessible compliance. Our price never goes up— $49 a year is all you’ll ever pay to keep