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by Maine Registered Agent LLC

Filing Guide

Maine Corporate Filing Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about Maine Corporate Filing

I’m confused about the registered agent information. What’s all this stuff about commercial registered agents, noncommercial registered agents, and clerks?

Basically, corporations have to have a clerk (a personal name). All other entities have a registered agent, and we happen to be a commercial registered agent because we do this as our business.

How do I file my Maine corporation or LLC?

The Maine Secretary of State only accepts mailed filings. The filings also have to have original signatures on them.

Maine Registered Agent LLC has all the forms you might need to make corporate filings with the Maine Secretary of State, Division of Corporations, UCC & Commissions inside your online account. The State of Maine requires you to enter the agent number of your clerk or registered agent on the forms. The Maine commercial registered agent does not have to sign the forms. We pre-populate the forms with our Maine commercial agent number and information, so you don’t have to be confused.