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by Maine Registered Agent LLC

Maine Registered Agent Service: $49 Per Year

Maine Registered Agent Service in Kennebunk, Maine

Every business entity in Maine, including corporations and LLCs, is required to appoint a Maine commercial clerk (also called a registered agent). A Maine commercial clerk is designated to accept service of process and legal correspondence on behalf of the corporation or LLC. Every Maine registered agent is required by law to maintain a physical office in the state for accepting these important documents..

Our Maine Commercial Clerk Service:

  • Instant Service: Sign Up in 3 Minutes
  • Immediate Access to Your Online Client Account
  • Same-Day Upload of Service of Process & Legal Documents
  • Same-Day Notification for All Legal Correspondence We Receive on Your Behalf
  • No Per Doc Charges or Forwarding Fees
  • No Hidden Fees or “Introductory Prices”
  • Complete Compliance Monitoring Year Round
  • Regular Annual Report and Tax Reminders
  • Customized Registered Agent Service That Fits Your Business
  • Access to Our DIY Maine Business Filings Guides
  • One Price: $49 Per Year

Maine Registered Agent LLC tries to make the filing process for you as quick and easy as possible. When you sign up for Maine registered agent service, you are immediately logged into your online account where you’ll see the state resources and forms section with everything you need to make filings with the State of Maine and get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

The state forms are all pre-populated with our Maine commercial registered agent information on them. You’ll find links to state agencies like the Maine Secretary of State, ME Revenue Services, and Department of Licensing, information on state online filing options, taxes, certificate ordering, etc.

Maine Registered Agent Requirements

Chapter 6-A of the Model Registered Agents Act outlines the specific legal duties for all Maine commercial clerks. Every commercial clerk in required to have and maintain a physical street location within the state and keep regular business hours during which certified mail can be accepted. On behalf of clients, a registered agent must accept service of process and other official correspondence. These documents must be forwarded to clients in a timely manner. Our commercial registered office is located in Kennebunk. From this office, we will accept your business’s official mail, upload these documents into your client account, and notify you that those documents are ready for viewing. We can also mail you the physical documents as needed.

How To Change a Maine Commercial Clerk

You can change your Maine commercial clerk at any time by filing a Statement of Appointment or Change with the Secretary of State’s office. Along with this document you should include a Filer Contact Cover Letter. This document can be delivered in person or by mail. There is a $35 filing fee. You must include on the filing the CRA Public Number for your new registered agent.

What is a Maine Non-Commercial Clerk?

Not every registered agent service in Maine is qualified and registered with the Secretary of State. A commercial clerk is a service that offers registered agent services professionally and has registered with the SOS. The SOS office provides a complete list of all commercial clerks.

non-commercial clerk, on the other hand, is an individual or entity that offers registered agent service but that does not specialize in this service. Non-commercial clerks are not registered with the SOS.

Corporate Filings in Maine

The filing fee for Maine LLCs is $175 filing fee. Maine corporations cost $145 to file. On the filing you need to appoint a Maine commercial registered agent.

You can make these filings for corporations and LLCs in person or by mailing the forms and a check payment to the Maine Division of Corporations. Online filing is not available. Upon ordering Maine registered agent service, all the necessary forms you need to make your filing, pre-populated with the Maine registered agents information, will be in your online account.

Corporations are required to file annual reports due on June 1st. The filing fee is $85 for domestic LLCs and corporations and $150 for foreign LLCs and corporations. You can pay and file by mail or online. Notification is by email if the state has one on record, otherwise, you may not get a reminder. The late fee is $50 of you file within two months of your due date, after that, your company is dissolved or withdrawn and you will need to pay the $150 reinstatement fee plus the late fee. Included in our Maine registered agents service, is annual report tracking and timely reminders to file your annual reports.

Thank you for looking at our Maine registered agent service.

Maine Resources

Maine Secretary of State

(207) 624-7752

Corporate Examining Section
Maine Secretary of State
101 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0101

Maine Revenue Services

(207) 624-9595

Maine Revenue Services
24 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0024

Maine Department of Licensing