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Maine Registered Agent and Incorporation Services

Welcome to the best place to find Maine Registered Agent and Incorporation Services. We’re local—located just north of Portland in the town of Kennebunk, right off Highway One. We know all the ins and outs of being a registered agent, business formation, and what it takes to keep a company in good standing with the state. We are your one-stop shop for:

Registered Agent Service
Every business entity in Maine must have a registered agent (often referred to as “clerks” here in Maine). Registered agents receive important documents on behalf of your business and, if they’re any good, protect your privacy.

Incorporation Services
If you want to conduct business in Maine and protect your personal assets, you’ll need to form an entity such as a Maine LLC or corporation. With our business formation package, we’ll quickly and accurately form your company on your behalf.

Maine Business Presence
Your business needs its own phone number, email, and website. Our Maine Business Presence package includes all of this plus your own domain name and SSL service for website security at no upfront cost.

Business Maintenance
In order to keep your business in good standing, you will need to stay on top of the required paperwork. We can help with that too. We will send you reminders to file your business’s Annual Report. Plus, as a client, you’ll have access to our library of business document templates to keep your company running smoothly.

Cost of Our Registered Agent Service

We offer our registered agent services for just $49 per year. Every business entity in Maine, including corporations and LLCs, must appoint a registered agent. A Maine registered agent is designated to accept service of process and legal correspondence on behalf of a business. Every Maine registered agent is required to maintain a physical office in the state for accepting important documents. It’s a crucial job, and you’ll need someone you can trust. That’s us.

When you sign up for our Maine Registered Agent Service, you get:

  • Immediate Access to Your Secure Online Account
  • Same-Day Upload of Service of Process & Legal Documents
  • Same-Day Notification for All Legal Correspondence
  • Business Domain
  • Business Website, Email, SSL, and Phone Service
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Complete Compliance Monitoring Year Round
  • Annual Report and Tax Reminders
  • Customized Registered Agent Service That Fits Your Business
  • Access to Our Maine Business Document Templates

How Maine Registered Agent Can Jump Start Your Business

At Maine Registered Agent, we can do more than receive your business’s mail. We help form, maintain, and launch businesses every day. We take care of filing formation paperwork—getting it done fast and right the first time. We also give you the tools you need, like a business website and phone number, to establish your business presence. Best of all, we protect your privacy by listing our name and address on the formation documents filed with the state. If you want to focus on your business and cut down on paperwork while protecting your privacy, then hire us.

Form a Maine Limited Liability Company

Forming a Maine LLC and doing it correctly can be overwhelming. Our LLC Formation Package is the best deal in the state, and our agents in Kennebunk are seasoned business experts who know the state’s regulations like the back of their hand. When you form your LLC with us, we will also provide a full year of professional registered agent service.

Start a Maine Corporation

If you’re looking to start a Maine corporation, we can help incorporate your business. We will file your Articles of Incorporation and provide a year of registered agent service.

We make incorporating easy with our business formation package. We file your articles and provide a full year of registered agent service! Plus, you’ll have access to free bylaws and initial resolution templates you can customize to fit your business needs—everything you need all in one place. Hire us today.

How a Registered Agent Can Help Maintain Your Business

A run-of-the-mill registered agent will accept your state and legal mail—meeting just the basic requirements of a Maine registered agent. But a great registered agent will receive, scan, and upload your state and legal mail to a secure online account, provide free business document templates, and send annual report reminders. Best of all, we protect our client’s privacy by putting our name, address, and contact information on your business formation papers.

Maine Annual Report Filing

All LLCs and Corporations must file a Maine Annual Report to the Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions. Reports must be submitted by June 1, beginning the first year after formation. However, you may file anytime between January 1 and June 1. Failing to file an annual report could result in extra fees. Worse yet, your business could be administratively dissolved by the state.

Worried you’ll forget? When you hire us as your registered agent, we’ll send you reminders each year or even file the report on your behalf.

Maine Foreign Business Registration

If you have a business based outside Maine and you’d like to operate in Maine, you’ll need to register your company as a foreign entity with the state. We register foreign LLCs and foreign corporations all the time. We love bringing business from away to Vacationland.

Or, you can file the necessary paperwork yourself, and just hire us as your Maine registered agent. Either way, we are here to help.

Maine Business Presence

You’ve formed your LLC with the state, so now it’s time to build your business presence. Our Maine Business Presence package includes everything you need to launch your business. Hire us and you’ll be able to choose a website domain for your business that comes with a business email address. You’ll get a website you control on an open-source platform, and a direct business line at a local, Maine phone number you can use with an internet connection on a computer or our iOS or Android apps.

Why Choose Maine Registered Agent For Your Business Needs

Whether you are just starting and need a business formation service or looking for a new registered agent, we are Maine’s best choice. We offer top-notch, personalized service. We know the finer points of business maintenance inside out and backward, from filing your formation documents to securing an EIN to ensuring you stay in good standing with the state. We are the best at what we do.